Doug Haynes, Patient at Shelby Baptist, is supported as he regains mobility after knee replacement surgery
Patient Finds Angels Among Us

There are those who believe that angels walk among us, masked as everyday people yet affecting others in a way that can only be explained as spiritual. These "angels" take an ordinary job or everyday experience and transform it into something extraordinary. 

Doug Haynes truly believes that he was touched by angels when he hobbled into the Joint Replacement Center at Shelby Baptist Medical Center. Plagued with a knee injury that required replacement surgery, Doug was finally convinced that surgery was his only option. He had seen his quality of life compromised because of his knee - he was ready for a new lease on life. 

What he got can almost be explained as a rebirth of sorts. Within a day of the surgery, he was up and walking, but to Doug that was not the most incredible part of the story. It was the people he encountered throughout the journey. 

"Everyone I met there lives the Golden Rule: 'treat you like they would want to be treated,'" explains Doug. "I was never rushed, never felt like I was asking too many questions. Everyone from top to bottom sincerely cared about what they were doing for me. The level of professionalism exceeded any expectations. Doctors, nurses and therapists helped me excel in my recovery by setting realistic goals and then working with me to achieve these goals. They ministered to my spirit, and it was obvious they were living a Christian mission, and not just talking the talk, really walking it." 

And speaking of walking, when Doug Haynes walked out of the Shelby Baptist Joint Replacement Center, it was not just with a new knee, but with a new life. And as the enthusiasm mounts in his voice, Doug reflects, "Before the surgery I faced each day and every activity with an element of fear. I knew I didn't want to live my life that way any more. Now I am energized thinking about everything I can do - travel, hiking, fishing and, most importantly, just living life. I feel the same level of excitement as I did when I was twenty years old! I am reborn."

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