As a new citizen of Shelby County, I had never been to Shelby Baptist and didn't know anything about it until recently. I woke one morning to find Alison, my 20-year-old daughter, going into a diabetic coma.
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There are those who believe that angels walk among us, masked as everyday people yet affecting others in a way that can only be explained as spiritual. These "angels" take an ordinary job or everyday experience and transform it into something extraordinary
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"When my son was admitted to Walker Baptist Medical Center recently, it made me realize how important our hospital is to our community," said Haig Wright.
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I spent a lot of time reading and I was nervous when I found that I had to have an operation on my eyes...
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During a recent hospital stay, I realized just how special Citizens Baptist Hospital is, from the friendly staff to the cleanliness of the hospital, my trust and confidence was reinforced.
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Sandi had the intentions of having her hip surgery in Birmingham or Atlanta; larger cities that she thought had the best physicians and medical facilities.
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