At Baptist Health System, Mental Health and Psychiatric services are designed to assist individuals going through an acute psychiatric crisis. Our unique system-wide approach means patients have access to care at four hospitals, while physicians can refer seamlessly within the system. All of our hospitals are certified by the Alabama Department of Mental Health as designated Mental Health Facilities.

We offer adult and geriatric inpatient units, plus an intensive outpatient geriatric day program. All inpatient admissions are assessed by a hospitalist so any concurrent medical conditions can be addressed and treated alongside psychiatric care. Geriatric inpatient units are available at all our hospitals, including Princeton, Shelby, Walker and Citizens Baptist Medical Centers. Adult inpatient units are available at Shelby and Walker Baptist Medical Centers. An outpatient geriatric day program is available at Walker Baptist Health System.

Our Psychiatric Specialists
Syed R. Aftab, M.D.
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Terry W. Bentley, M.D.
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Brandi J. Rudolph Boiling, M.D.
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William C. Freeman, M.D.
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Charles E. Herlihy Jr., M.D.
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Farrukh Jamil, M.D.
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Praveen Jetty, M.D.
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Masood A. Khan, M.D.
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Ajmal M. Khan, M.D.
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Harry E. Logue, M.D.
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Jayakrishna Madabushi, M.D.
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Anil P. Saini, M.D.
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Ramakanth K. Vemuluri, M.D.
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Shankar B. Yalamanchili, M.D.
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