Over a span of 16 weeks, the OPTIFAST® Program provides patients with a full meal replacement plan which will eventually transition to self-prepared meals. This supervised program provides a variety of support tools including:

  • Exceptional nutritional quality meals through the Nestle Nutrition Quality Program
  • Nutrition and exercise lifestyle suggestions to sustain better health
  • Access to patient education materials and curriculum created by an extensive network of medical weight loss experts
  • Comprehensive patient education and support from Dr. Cheryl Law, Medical Director
  • Individual and group counseling sessions by experts who understand your challenges

While individual weight loss results may vary, five-year follow-up studies suggest approximately 50% of people who complete the OPTIFAST® Program are able to keep enough weight off to improve their long-term health.

Patients who may benefit from OPTIFAST® include:

  • Those who have explored other options to achieve their desired weight loss goals, but struggle to keep the weight off
  • Those who do not qualify for bariatric surgery or are not ready for bariatric surgery
  • Those looking to discover and address the triggers for their eating habits

Initial physician consult, lab work and EKG - $250
Lab work and consultation - $50 / every 5 weeks
Physician monitored program - $149 / week*

*Weekly program includes:

  • Weekly supplements
  • Behavior modification class
  • Educational binder with lesson plan
  • Transition care to regular food
  • Diet education based on balanced, healthy meals
  • Weigh-ins, blood pressure checks and assessments

*Payments are made weekly. Physician charges may be filed through Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). Please note, most insurances do not cover physician visits for medical weight management.

This program can be adjusted for individual needs.

Patients who complete the program are eligible to attend free weekly classes and restarts of the program are available if needed.


Princeton Comprehensive Bariatric Center
Dr. Cheryl Law
817 Princeton Ave SW
POB II, Ste. 120
Birmingham, AL 35211

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