Chaplaincy at the Baptist Health System is one of the clearest expressions of dedication to the Baptist Health System Mission. Since the early beginnings of the BHS (1922), the holistic approach to health care has always been a primary focus: caring for the body, mind and spirit. During those ninety-two years, Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care has grown in grace and in service to those who are suffering, frightened, and bereaved; as well as to those who seek a means of expressing their gratitude for healing, for new life, and for hope in the future.

The primary ministry of our hospital chaplains is to those patients and family members who need support throughout the pathways of illness, injury, and recovery. Our chaplains serve in all areas of all BHS hospitals.  Any patient or family member who asks to see a chaplain will find one available around the clock, seven days a week, regardless of holidays. BHS chaplains are there to answer the call and to stay as long as they are needed.

We recognize that our patients come from all walks of life and bring with them a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. We carefully minister to each individual; sensitive to the patient's personal beliefs. Baptist Health System chaplains provide regular worship opportunities in the hospital chapels and provide special worship observances for patients who request them. And always, our chaplains are ready to join with patients, their families and hospital staff in moments of prayer.

The Spiritual Caregivers of BHS are here to assist others in finding God's healing love, mercy and grace in the midst of sickness and suffering.  Helen Keller, though encased in the double walls of deafness and blindness once said, "I believe that life is a gift to us so that we may grow in love. And, I believe that God is in me as the sun is in the color and fragrance of flower, the light in my darkness the voice in my silence." Our Chaplains become a means of finding God's light in the darkness; God's voice in the silence and to proclaim the gospel in more than words.

When to Call a Chaplain
  • When seeking the comfort and strength of prayer.
  • When seeking encouragement through scripture and religious sacraments.
  • When facing questions about life and death.
  • When feeling distant from God.
  • When facing fear and anxiety.
  • When experiencing a loss of meaning and purpose.
  • When facing change or loss.
  • When an ethical dilemma arises.
  • When wanting to rejoice and give thanks.
  • When celebrating good news.
  • When questions or concerns about one's relationship to God arise.
How to Contact a Chaplain

Within each of our hospitals, patients may reach a chaplain by calling the operator (0). Outside the hospital, please dial the appropriate number listed below and ask for the chaplain on call:

Hospital Phone Number
Citizens Baptist (256) 362-8111
Princeton Baptist (205) 783-3000
Shelby Baptist (205) 620-8100
Walker Baptist (205) 387-4000

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