Your Room

Your room assignment at Walker Baptist Medical Center is based upon your admitting diagnosis and the bed availability on the day of your admission.  All of our rooms are private and are centrally heated and air conditioned.  Each room has its own thermostat and you may regulate the temperature at anytime for your comfort.

Your Hospital Bed

Hospital beds are electrically operated, and you nurse will show you how to work your bed properly.  Your hospital bed is probably higher and narrower than your bed at home.  Bedside rails are for your safety and may be raised at night or during the day if you are resting, recovering from surgery, or taking certain medications.  Please ask for help if you have any difficulty.  You should wear a robe and slippers when you are out of bed.


Telephones are provided in each room, except in certain specialized areas.  To make a local telephone call, dial 9, wait for the dial tone, then dial the number you are calling.  To make a long distance call, dial 0 for operator assistance.

Special telecommunications devices (TDD) are available for the hearing impaired, and large button telephones may be obtained for the sight impaired.  These can be obtained by asking your nurse or calling the operator.


Color television are provided free of charge in each room. You can control the on/off, volume and channel with the controller near your bed. Please be considerate of other patients by playing your television set softly and by turning off your TV set at bedtime.

Most commercial and public channels are offered, as well as in-house channels that provide hospital information and health related programming. 

Patient Education Channel

Walker Baptist's in-house educational channels are available to provide you with information about your illness or injury.  The Patient Education Channel is found on Channel 50.  This educational TV Channel is provided by GE and NBC and provides excellent health and education programming. Programming schedules are available upon admission. A hospital bulletin board that has information about activities and educational opportunities at the hospital is located on Channel 2.

Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is available in patient rooms as well as in the cafeteria and the waiting areas throughout the hospital. Patients and visitors are welcomes to bring their laptops with wireless internet access to the hospital for their personal use.

Calling Your Nurse

If you need you nurse at anytime during your stay, press the Nurse Call button on your pillow speaker.  You call will be answered by an operator whose only responsibility is to respond to patient calls.  The operator will notify your nurse of your request.

An emergency call cord is located in your bathroom.  Pulling this cord will generate an emergency call which will continue until turned off in your room by your nurse.

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