Baptist Health System offers services to meet the needs of the senior adult. From senior fitness to stroke rehabilitation, the help you need for yourself or a loved one is there when you need it. 

Senior Programs 

Baptist Health System provides a variety of programs specifically tailored with the mature adult, age 50+, in mind. We commit to enhance the health, dignity and wholeness of those we serve through providing the highest quality programs and services especially designed to meet the physical, social and psychological needs of seniors and their families.

Contact Us 
By phone, toll free: 1-800-450-5099 (outside Birmingham) or 205-715-5563 (Birmingham area) 

Every day new advances are made in the area of medical care. Stay up-to-date with the latest discoveries through our information warehouse -- a network of resources designed to assist in the decisions that lead to healthy mind, body and spirit. 

Educational Events & Screenings 
Regularly scheduled events are designed to provide information on topics affecting the health of the senior population, including cardiac care, blood pressure, exercise, nutrition and more. 

Referral Service 
A number of community resources are available which are specifically designed to assist seniors in areas of non-medical needs (transportation, sitter services, etc). Our referral service takes the guess work out of who to call when seeking assistance. 

Family members and caregivers of seniors are taking a more active role in assisting with decisions that will affect the health and wellness of the senior in their lives. Network+ provides information and resources that will guide the non-senior to understand issues primarily related to the senior population. 

Senior Health Care 
As we age, health problems can become more common. Baptist Health System recognizes that the full realm of health concerns -- from prevention to rehabilitation -- is as important for the mature adult as it is for the youngster. The following are examples of programs that may be of special interest to senior adults: 

Of course, seniors are prime targets for the nation's number one killer -- heart disease. Baptist Health System offers comprehensive programs at its hospitals for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of heart disease. Among the innovative procedures offered by the cardiology programs at Baptist Health System are the Heart Laser to create new channels in the wall of the heart for blood flow; minimal invasive surgeries, such as HeartPort and Robotic; and medical devices such as the Freestyle valve to repair damaged hearts. To ease the process of detecting heart disease, cardiologists are performing heart catheterization with access through the patient's wrist. The procedure, which allows for treatments such as stent implants and balloon angioplasty as well as diagnosis, greatly reduces patient recovery time. Following treatment, comprehensive programs provide education and rehabilitation to return patients to an active lifestyle. 

Physical Rehabilitation 
Problems such as stroke and falls resulting in broken hips are particularly high among the mature population. BHS rehab programs offer patients various options to learn body mechanics and other techniques to combat the effects of osteoporosis and related effects of aging. 

Pulmonary Rehabilitation 
With the aging process, respiratory problems can become more chronic. Cardiopulmonary programs at Baptist Health System offer classes to teach patients the skills to cope with reduced lung capacity. With exercise and education, the quality of life can be improved; stamina can be increased for daily living and self-confidence and independence improved. 

The programs and services of Baptist Health System offer a diversity of treatments and care for individuals of all ages. Select the hospital most convenient to you to learn about specific programs. 

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