In keeping with the Baptist Health System Mission to serve as a witness to the love of God, as revealed through Jesus Christ, pastoral care is available around the clock at Citizens Baptist. Staff and volunteer chaplains are available to serve patients and family members whenever needed. Please call the hospital operator for the on-call chaplain, 24/7 (256-362-8111). You may also reach us at the pastoral care office at 256-761-4024. We’re here for you!

The chapel is located on the first floor adjacent to the Emergency Department and the information desk. Visitors of all faiths are welcome to visit the chapel for worship services, prayer and meditation.

What is the Pastoral Advisory Council? 

A group of area ministers and pastors who meet regularly to assist Administration and the Dept. of Pastoral Care in providing the essential spiritual component of healthcare to patients in the hospital. Citizens BMC exists in order to serve the community; and so we recognize the benefit of developing partnerships with area churches in the healing ministry. 

How Does the Pastoral Advisory Council Benefit the Hospital? 

The PAC offers valuable feedback on how local churches perceive the hospital's ministry. The Council also helps disseminate vital information about Citizens to churches and to the community at large. 

How Does the Community Benefit? 
Our community becomes a better place to live when hospital and church work together for healing, wholeness and quality of life. Each time the Pastoral Advisory Council meets, it's all about shaping and implementing plans that enhance and extend the healing ministry we share in this place.

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