Citizens Baptist Medical Center

604 Stone Ave
Talladega, AL 35161
(256) 362-8111(256) 362-8111

Below is a list of useful phone numbers at Citizens Baptist. If you are in the hospital, simply dial the last four-digits from your room phone to reach the desired department.

Administration 256-761-4542256-761-4542
Admitting 256-761-4630256-761-4630
Case Management 256-761-4652256-761-4652
Cashier 256-761-4500256-761-4500
Chaplain 256-761-4024256-761-4024
Education 256-761-4665256-761-4665
Fitness Plus 256-761-4693256-761-4693
Food Service 256-761-4489256-761-4489
Gift Shop 256-761-4596256-761-4596
Housekeeping Services 256-761-4095256-761-4095
Laboratory 256-761-4227256-761-4227
Nursing Services 256-761-4529256-761-4529
Operator 256-362-8111256-362-8111
Outpatient Surgery 256-761-4010256-761-4010
Physical and Speech Therapy 256-761-4492256-761-4492
Pain Management Services 256-761-4047256-761-4047 (Dr. Cooper)
256-761-4570 256-761-4570 
Patient Accounts 205-592-1216205-592-1216
Patient Relations 256-761-4517256-761-4517
Patient Information 256-362-8111256-362-8111
Resource Scheduling 256-761-4618256-761-4618
Radiology 256-761-4553256-761-4553
Respiratory Therapy 256-761-4571256-761-4571
Security 256-761-4030256-761-4030
Social Work Services 256-761-4643256-761-4643
Volunteer Services 256-761-4297256-761-4297
Patient Relations Hotline

The medical staff and the employees of Citizens Baptist seek to treat our patients with fairness and concern, recognizing their needs and satisfying them to the extent possible. The Patient Relations Hotline was established for you, the patient. If you have any questions or problems that have not been answered to your satisfaction, or if you have a special need, call 256-761-4517256-761-4517 or dial the hospital operator and ask for a member of the Patient Relations staff.

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