Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI/MRAs evaluate soft tissues of the body without using radiation. 3T MRI has TIM (Total Imaging Matrix) technology, offers faster speed, advanced image detail, a shorter bore and wider opening and offers more flexible imaging power. Generally, 3T studies of the hip, leg or foot allows the patient to enter the MRI feet first, maintaining the patient's head outside of the MRI throughout the length of the exam. The 3T opens new doors to advanced studies including spine, abdominal, brain and orthopedic applications.  3T has twice the magnetic strength of a standard MRI and produces high tech images to assist physicians in making more accurate diagnoses.

MRI Preparation

Exam   NPO (Nothing by Mouth) Patient  Prep
MRI MRI/MRAs evaluate soft tissues of the body without using radiation. It is not necessary to be NPO for an MRI exam other than for an "MRCP," which the patient must be NPO after midnight. Clothing: For all MRI exams wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes without metal zippers, snaps, or fasteners. Wear no jewelry at all if possible, though rings are ok.   We have a locker room and gowns available for patients as well.
Brain May be ordered with or without IV contrast depending on what your physican feels will provide him the appropriate information No All earrings, hair pins, tongue rings, and other metal around the face or neck MUST be removed prior to this exam.
Spine Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar (or Lumbar/Sacral) spine area can be scanned; your physican will order which area he feels is appropriate. He may order it with or without IV contrast. No Female patients will can wear sports bras OR may be asked to change into a gown if they have an underwire bra. Preferably wear clothes with no metal, though gowns are available.
Shoulder Can be ordered with contrast only for an arthrogram (joint xrays)----this will be specifically requested by your physician, if needed. If contrast is requested, our radiologist will inject the contrast under flouro guidance, prior to your MRI being performed. No Female patients are encouraged to wear sports bras - underwire bras must be removed.
Wrist     No None
elbow   no None
Humerus   No Noine
Hips   No None
Knees If you have had previous knee surgery or any metal in your knee, please let the technologists know. No  None
Ankles/Feet, Femur/lower leg   No  None
MRA Head Can be ordered with or without contrast  No  See Brain above
MRA Neck Can be ordered with contrast No  See Brain above
MRA Renals Can be ordered with contrast No  None
MRCP This is an MRI version of an ERCP, but is non-invasive. No contrast necessary. It is ESSENTIAL that the patient be NPO for this test and the patient should be scheduled in the early AM YES Patient must be NPO 4-6 hour minimum
Abdomen   No None
Pelvis   No None
 Breast Performed at Princeton only no none
Cardiac Performed at Princeton- 450W no

*IV Contrast uses a small needle to enhance the tissue or organ being looked at during CT scans

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