Trusting Still

Chaplain Janet Alexander
Walker Baptist Medical Center

“Forever I will sing the goodness of the Lord” (Psalms 89:1)

Although most of my life I have passionately pursued worshipping my Lord through song, I found it very difficult to sing of His “goodness” as I hurried to the hospital the day my father suffered a debilitating stroke.  My strong, competent, loving father was no longer the “rock” I could lean on.  In the hospital room, sitting by his bedside one evening, sad, with all the “Why?” questions racing through my mind, I happened to glance out the hospital window and saw the stars continuing their twinkly dance and the moon full and bright.  Immediately, I pictured my dad and I, during our evening walks down our old dirt road, discussing his fascination of the universe.  He never got tired of it and the brilliant mind that formed it all.

I began to think of the One described in Colossians 1:6, “In Him all things were created in heaven and earth.”  Brennan Manning, in his book Ruthless Trust reminds us, “He is creatively present 264 trillion miles from earth on the star Upsilon Andromedae. No thought can contain Him, no words can express him. He transcends all human concepts, considerations, and expectations. He is Beyond-our-midst, still beyond anything we intellectualize or imagine.”  Isaiah reminds us that His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. I decided to stop the questioning, grabbed an envelope that had contained a “get-well” card and wrote a new song. 

I know You’re in control, I see Your power on display

As I gaze into the night and behold the Milky Way

It was formed at Your command and sustained by Your design

You work beyond the realm of time, Far beyond my finite mind.

I’ll trust the One who made the heavens

Whose wisdom my mind can’t conceive

I’ll trust the One who died on Calv’ry

And proved His love’s beyond degree

I’ll trust the One who walks beside me

And whispers, “Child, only believe”

I’ll safely guide you through this darkness

As I control the galaxies.

I know You’re in control, I read the story long ago

How You walked on stormy waves, while lightning flashed and thunder rolled.

In the midst of doubt and fear, You cried, “Peace”, be of good cheer,

It is I be not afraid,” And at Your Word the winds obeyed.

I’ll trust the One who made the oceans

And the seas and all therein

I’ll trust the One who has the power

To still my raging storm within

I’ll trust the One whose blood has cleansed me

And gives me strength to rise again I hear Him whisper, “Stay beside me

And we will ride upon the wind.”

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Today as I approach the mystery of Your indefinability, I simply let go and trust Calvary’s love.

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