The Spirit of Christmas Should be All Year Long

Chaplain Adrienne Price
Princeton Baptist Medical Center

Christmastime has become commercialized and a time for most people to be joyful.  Christmastime feels good.  In the spirit of Christmas, it is fun to focus on decorations, parties, giving gifts and finding new ways of generosity.  But after the last present is unwrapped and the warm and glowing feeling begins to fade, what do we do with the happiness most people feel about Baby Jesus during this time of year? 

A perfect example of how to hold onto Baby Jesus is looking at the first one who held Jesus - The Virgin Mary!

Luke 1:41 tells us that a few months earlier, Mary and Elizabeth publicly praised God's goodness and mercy for the baby Mary was carrying in her womb.  Mary remains the perfect example of keeping Christmas in our hearts.  

"But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart." (Luke 2:19)

Her first Christmas with Jesus marked an important part of her life because she focused on that which was most important - her family and her home.  Today, each of us are called to focus on family which consists of anyone with whom you have a relationship.  After you put away our decorations, plan to keep Christmas all year long.  Invite Christ into your heart and home forever!  Whatever kind of Christmas you celebrated this year, the real task will begin when people go back to focusing on themselves.

Prayer:  Father, as we go through this season, may You superimpose your strength on us.  May we keep Christ in our hearts all year long so that we may be a blessing to someone.  Amen.  


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