Pearls of Great Price

Chaplain Chester Readus 

Chaplain Resident - Princeton BMC 

“Again the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls, who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and brought it.” (Matt. 13:45,46)

Is a favorite teacher of yours viewed as a pearl. That teacher is friendly, understanding, sympathetic, and yet commands your respect. He or she is willing to give you a fighting chance. You gladly do what the teacher says or suggests. To have such a teacher is like having a Pearl of Great Price! Don’t you agree? 

Perhaps your dream can be viewed as a pearl of great price. After all, you are pursuing that dream with a passion. You burn the midnight oil. You willingly spend your hard earned money! You take classes that fuel the dream. You light up when you talk about the dream! The dream moves you, holds you, and even comforts you. Such a dream, I declare, could be likened to A Pearl of Great Price. 

Many of us have Pearls of Great Price! But how many of us also have “The Pearl of Great Price?” “A Pearl” is usually earthly and temporary. The Precious, Priceless Pearl is “the same yesterday, today and forever!” “A Pearl” is a creature or thing bound by time and space. The Precious, Priceless Pearl is “Alpha and Omega—the Author and Finisher of our faith.” “A Pearl” is a possession to be cherished. The Precious, Priceless Pearl is a person who has “all power in heaven and in earth!” “A Pearl” is earned, paid for, and inherited. The Precious, Priceless Pearl is a Gift! 

Prayer: Dear Jesus, We are thankful for teachers, dreams and your sacrifice that means so much to us. We ask for knowledge and wisdom as we behold teachers and others that mean so much to us. We ask for favor and strength as we pursue our dreams. As we do these things, may we also embrace you as “The Pearl of Great Price."  Amen

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