Peace of God

Chaplain Deron McDaniel
Princeton Baptist Medical Center

“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14:27)

The words of this verse of Scripture were spoken by Jesus to Disciples who were troubled in mind and heart.  Things in their lives were about to change and they knew it and they could sense it; they could feel it. Change was in the atmosphere, it was all around them. They had been with Jesus for nearly 3 ½ years, but now he was going to leave them without his physical presence, but not alone. He would be crucified and resurrected on the third Day. Things would never quite be the same again. As result, their hearts were heavy.  Have you ever felt like this? Have you ever felt like things were happening that simply were beyond your control? In this verse, Jesus provides the solution for troubled hearts and minds. It’s not the prevention of conflict or the promise of a trouble-free life. No, it’s the gift of His peace. The disciples' lives would drastically change externally, but soon, they would have the awesome internal resource of God’s peace.

Jesus says to the disciples "my peace is not like the world’s peace." The world’s peace is based on resources like security systems and burglar bars. To the world, peace is something you hope for, something you work to have and hold. The world’s peace is superficial at best and at times, quite elusive.  It is temporary; it’s difficult to have and maintain. Since life is in a constant cycle of change, the world’s peace cannot keep up.

What is the peace that God gives then? Shalom was a precious word to the Jewish people. It meant more than just the absence of war and distress or discontentment. Peace means wholeness, completeness, health, security, even prosperity in the best sense. Peace is the assurance of God’s presence. How incredible a comfort it is to know that we can experience joy and contentment even in the midst of despair and distress because we have the assurance of God’s presence?  When there is discontentment and trouble around us, the peace of God is our shield; it protects us. It is the peace that stems from our relationship with the Divine. Therefore, God’s peace is lasting and effective. It takes away our anxieties and calms our fears. We may not be able to do much about the external, but God peace gives us a comfort that He is with us to help us. Jesus says “My peace I give to you…..Let not your hearts be trouble, neither let it be afraid”. Please know today that life will change, but God will remain with us to comfort and protect us. Have you experienced the gift of God’s peace today?

Prayer: Lord, life is ever changing. Sometimes Lord, life is more than we can handle. We admit that sometimes it troubles our hearts and minds. Grant us your peace, the assurance of your presence, that we be able to endure. Amen


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