After You Pray, Move Your Feet

Chaplain Gary Yarbrough
Shelby Baptist Medical Center

You may become the answer to your own prayer. I don’t know about you, but sometimes God has a way of getting my attention through repetition. May I hasten to add, it’s not God’s fault!! There are also times when God leads me with affirmation. That is, another person may have the same sense of conviction or passion as I have about something or someone. We wouldn’t know about how God is leading us individually unless we spoke to each other about it. This happens rather frequently. I admit that in regards to teaching and living the Christian faith, we will often share similar experiences that cause us to grow in our relationship with God, others and within our own self. 

For example, Chaplain Min’s BaptistNet devotion last week was about prayer. She wrote: “Prayer changes lives….” In reference to the LORD’s prayer, Chaplain Min continued, “We ask for daily bread, for what we need to sustain us for continuing, transforming relationship with our Father for TODAY. We pray with Jesus to the Father for our needs TODAY and TODAY we are changed. And because we are changed, our community changes.” What does this have to do with God teaching by repetition or affirmation? Everything, if we are being attentive to the way in which God is speaking to our hearts and minds. Nothing, if we are not “walking the talk” of what we believe to be true about our faith and relationship with God! 

Each morning, our Pastoral Care Team takes time to review our daily agenda, responsibilities and assignments. But, we also take time to share prayer concerns. This has become one of my favorite times of the day. I look forward to it. It’s a time to know and affirm that God is ‘in the here and now,’ and that God is ‘really’ with us. Naturally, we remember to pray for specific needs within the hospital and our individual needs. Sometimes our prayers will reflect what we have seen or heard from local, national or international news broadcasts. Our prayers will take on a deeper level of meaning if we know of a family member or friend who is in harm’s way. 

Before I started writing for this BaptistNet devotion, our prayer concerns took us to Ferguson, Missouri. They took us to a celebrity’s home and they took us to a NASCAR race. Each had experienced a death. If our prayers mean anything at all, let the community of faith continue to remember these families and communities. Let our prayers be for God’s healing love, forgiveness, peace, comfort and strength. 

Yes, prayer changes lives. Oh, my friend, how I hope we can put feet to our prayers. Today, God may be leading us to become the answer to the prayer we have prayed when we asked God to lead us and show us the way. When we pray for a family member, our work, our schools, our government, etc., do we feel or sense the need to do something more? To speak to someone, write a letter, or get involved in a cause that demonstrates we have actually heard and believe the words of Jesus, the Christ, who said: “You are the light of the world…. You are the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13, 14). And, as we pray and live the faith, yes, indeed, we will be transformed into the people God is calling, leading and empowering us to be for this day and time!

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