The Lord our Shepherd

Chaplain Janet Alexander
Walker Baptist Medical Center

“The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want.” (Psalms 23:1)

Although the Twenty-third Psalm has been familiar to me since my youth, I have come to realize that within its simplicity, there are depths of meaning so profound, one can use the first line alone to provide a life full of comfort. The Lord God of Heaven and earth, the Almighty Creator of all things, He who holds the universe in His hand as though it were a very little thing, He is your Shepherd, and has charged Himself with the care and keeping of you, as a shepherd is charged with the care and keeping of his sheep.

During crisis seasons in our lives, when we are deaf to everything but the shriek of our own pain, this verse brings a reminder that if we look carefully through the fog, we will see Him standing there, smiling—His hand out-stretched, motioning us to follow. During a difficult season in my own life, I wrote the following lyrics, reminding myself, each time I sing it, to trust the leading of this trustworthy Shepherd, who knows the road I take and carefully plans each step for me to follow.

“I don’t understand Your working

Can’t imagine how this could work for my good

And I don’t know where You’re leading me

But You never said that I would.

I can’t even think about tomorrow

Too many issues wait for me

So I’ll turn my eyes toward Heaven

And wait for You on bended knee.


You are Faithful, You are Wonderful

A Guiding Star who is my constant Guide

My Counselor, who walks with me

Sufficient God who hears my earnest cry

You’re El Shaddi.


Shepherd of my soul, it’s Your voice that I follow

In pastures green my heart finds sweet rest

And as You lead beside still waters

I find my weary soul, it’s refreshed

My questions, they’ve all faded in Your glory

Your wisdom I’ll trust to work what’s best

The only issue left to be considered

Is to Your will my answer will be, “Yes!”


You are Immanuel, You are the Prince of Peace

Lamb of God, the Way, the Truth, and the Life

The Lily of my valley

Sufficient God who all my needs provide

You’re El Shaddi.”

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Thank You for the provision this Psalm promises as we follow and trust You, El Shaddi—our ‘all-sufficient One.’ You are the Good Shepherd who gave Your life for the sheep. We listen for Your voice and gladly follow, for in Your will is our peace. Amen.

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