A Better Way to a Healthier Community

Baptist Health System is reinventing the way employers support and encourage employees to take better care of themselves.  It’s a physician-led program, leveraging the science of real behavior change and creating convenient access to increase the likelihood that people get the care they need when they need it. 

Be Well delivers unique programs and advanced technologies that allow for more personal service.  This preventative approach helps you manage healthcare costs, increase productivity, and encourage the overall well-being of your valuable workforce.

Be Well. Better Health for your Workforce.

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Better Health for Your Workforce.

Be Well screenings determine whether your employees are at risk for one or more of the Five Modifiable Risk Factors to Prevent Chronic Disease – tobacco use, diabetes and pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and excess weight and physical inactivity.  We also assess “readiness to change,” understanding where people are in the behavior change process so that we can provide them the right tools to reduce risk of unhealthy behavior.  When gathering and using this data, we pay close attention to maintenance of compliance with privacy standards.  Individually identifiable information is kept confidential and group summary reports are created with employee consent.

With this data to guide us, Be Well prepares a prescription for your workforce, with tailor-made solutions that encourage both individual engagement in health and a better bottom line for your business.

Be Well.

Merging quality care with 21st century technology to provide truly personalized healthcare solutions. Prepare. Prevent. Provide better care for you and your employees.


We learn about your needs.  In our first conversation, we listen to your assessment of the health issues your workforce faces.


We conduct a comprehensive screening of your employees. Once we understand your concerns, we screen to acquire valuable data that leads to objective observations about the health of your workforce.


We determine your risk workforce’s risk factors. We review both the subjective and objective concerns, determining where your company is greatest at risk for one or more of the Five Modifiable Risk Factors to Prevent Chronic Disease.


We recommend and implement your solution. This is our prescription for you. We create a truly customized plan for every employer resulting in better and more accessible care for every employee. As a part of an overall Be Well plan, employees will receive individual results as well as on-site counseling providing context for their numbers. Be Well programs provide proactive employee education and clinical support focused on the Five Modifiable Risk Factors to Prevent Chronic Disease.

Be Well works for you.

Screenings assess risks, but they are not diagnostic. For the ongoing health needs of your workforce, Be Well personalizes solutions to fit your employees’ needs. 

Flexible options personalized for your needs.

What if your employees could schedule an annual physical, see somebody about a nagging headache or follow up on a new medication without having to leave your company campus? What if your employees could schedule an appointment online, get lab work, and see a doctor without driving across town, improving workforce efficiency and saving your employees valuable time?

With Be Well, they can.

Be Well On-Site

Utilizing a care team appropriate for your workforce, Be Well On Site clinics support a more comprehensive approach to employee health by addressing the primary care needs for the employee on a consistent basis. It can include:

  • Physicals

  • Standard immunizations

  • Routine acute care visits, such as sinus infections, fevers, colds, etc.

  • Chronic disease management: glucose and BP checks, etc.

Be Well Mobile

Be Well Mobile drives a primary care office to your employees, with a regular schedule established for each location. The clinic will meet urgent care needs, but is primarily designed for preventive health/annual visits and routine follow-up of chronic conditions.

Be Well On Call

Using the latest telehealth technology, Be Well On Call gives your workforce expanded access to care. Be Well On Call is a web-based video chat/telemedicine service, accessible via any device with Internet access, a web browser, and a camera. In addition to visits with doctors and nurse practitioners, individuals may also use this resource to have visits with dieticians, diabetes educators, pharmacists, and others with special skill sets within our organization. We will work with you to ensure that your health plan provides coverage for the services that your workforce needs most.

Meet the Doctor

Anne-Laura Cook, MD, is the physician behind the Be Well program and is a practicing internal medicine physician at the Baptist Health System, in Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. Cook has a passion for improving the delivery of healthcare on a broad scale, and has developed a new model of primary care that will help people maintain or improve their health. The basis of her plan is to provide timely health advice and high quality medical services in innovative and efficient ways, which is at the core of Be Well.

Medical Background

Medical School: University of Alabama School of Medicine
Residency: Baptist Health System, Birmingham
Master’s: Harvard School of Public Health
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Educate. Empower. Encourage.

We know it’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about a major lifestyle change.  Be Well encourages people to believe in the power of small changes.

Be Well helps people overcome common barriers to taking care of themselves.

The Five Modifiable Risk Factors to Prevent Chronic Disease give measurable focus to employee health, provide a framework for programming, and invite people to take control of the aspects of their lifestyle that impact their health. Managing these five risk factors can add up to a big positive impact on your company’s bottom line – increased efficiency, improved health outcomes, and improved employee well-being – for both an individual and the workforce at large. These Five Factors will be targets for intense intervention and employee-facing messaging:

  • Tobacco Use

  • Pre-Diabetes/Diabetes

  • High Blood Pressure

  • High Cholesterol

  • Excess Weight/Physical Inactivity

Modifiable Conditions are those for which an individual’s personal choices influence outcomes. Non-modifiable risk factors include genes and family history.

Occupational Medicine Services

Baptist Health System Occupational Medicine services offer a range of acute, occupational and preventive care services as well as education centered on encouraging employees to Be Well at work.

Services at our participating facilities include work-related injury treatment as well as non-injury related care in the following categories:

  • Flu Shots

  • Pre-Employment Physicals

  • Drug Testing

  • Job Function Evaluations and PT Assessments

  • On-site Ergonomic Training

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